Back At It

I'm scurrying around this morning packing and getting ready to go. I'm going solo this time; no Bobby or Allison to help out! I'll be live-streaming a half dozen shows a day with the digital tip jar running for charities. If you've got a favorite charity or non-profit let me know!

I'm excited about this tour because I'm hitting up places that I've never played before in MN- Lanesboro, Blue Earth, Darwin, Alexandria, Bemidji. I've also got a morning to hike around the Lost 40; a never-logged woodland with 400 year old pines! Be right back, grabbing my trekking poles...


Only in Minnesota Micro Tour

I'm gearing up to do another micro tour- 30 shows all around the great state of Minnesota! I'm hitting all the cool spots, including these gems:

Split Rock Lighthouse

Otto The Otter

The Biggest Ball of Twine

The Glensheen Mansion

The tour runs from May 28th-June 13th and I'll be playing a few private, ticketed Supper Club shows as well. Get your tickets over at my online store.

The Trolls Of Spring

Ah spring, that time of year when the little online trolls start popping up out of their little hidey-holes to say hello! I've had a few funny online comments as of late- people taking issue with songs about punching Nazi's or upset at my choice of nonprofits to donate to. For the first time since I've been making music people are getting upset because I'm more clearly articulating my worldview and values. It makes me so happy!

There are plenty of ways to hurt my feelings, but calling me names or saying "Screw the ACLU" ain't one. You'll get ban or blocked as quick as I can press the button simply because responding to comments like that is a waste of time. Don't feed the trolls. I'm not going to spend time trying to unpack your worldview. If you want to explain it to me in a rational, reasoned way then I'm all ears, but until then- “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”  Well, after a chuckle anyway.

Random Photo of a Bog Garden. Cuz why not?

New Orleans

New Orleans has to be the best place in the world to do absolutely nothing. I mean, the party is always happening right? I don't know a greater pleasure than having something exciting to do then ditching it and taking a nap. Yesterday was glorious. I said goodbye to Allison and picked up Bobby for the rest of the trip. We're driving through Mississippi and Alabama today. Happy Sunday everybody- see you on the livestream.


Big thanks to everyone watching and donating as we make our way down the Mississippi. Yesterday was fun, though we did find out that we lost a memory card in Osceola, AK with a bunch of footage on it. :(

I decided to do a silent tribute to MLK yesterday. It just felt right. I was happy that people watching the livestream got it and donated generously.

I played my usual set off camera a short distance away for a few people that came out to the show. Brian works in Antarctica for part of the year and first heard my music being performed at some kind of scientist open mic! Last year he brought a Heart Murmurs hoodie with him which got stolen! Yep, somebody stole one of my hoodies near the South Pole. Crazy.

On to New Orleans!

So I Guess I Have A TV Show Now?

I didn't realize how much of this tour is really just about producing a live music travel show. I think I'm getting better at the whole Facebook live streaming pop up show thing though. I was setting up to stream a show a few days back and pressed a button on accident and found the donate button. Turns out you can solicit donations for all sorts of non-profits while you are live streaming- a digital tip jar! I think we've raised around $2000 for charities so far, so a big thank you to everyone streaming and donating. It's a little distracting to perform while watching a bunch of thumbs ups and hearts float across the screen, but I enjoy the interactive nature of it.



Seven shows yesterday. And the craziest part was that people showed up for every single one! Powderhorn was fun (though my voice was a little sleepy) and Mears Park was full of friends to see us off. Every stop we made there were people with ukuleles ready to sing along. In Hastings a little girl convinced her mother to bring her tiny piano to the park. That was also the gig where someone came up after and said I seemed like a wholesome person. I had a good laugh over that.

In Red Wing people skipped out of work for a few minutes to see me play. A perfectly timed barge made the river backdrop seem particularly high budget. I played in a gazebo in Wabasha and by a fountain in Winona. A gentleman wearing a Midwest Music Festival gave me a button with "We All Do Better When We All Do Better" on it. I was surprised to see a crowd gathered at the top of Granddad Bluff in La Crosse when we arrived and while I was a little nervous at first (I'm terrified of heights) I had a great time. Those couple of giggling kids made it a lot easier. 

We'd only had time for one meal on trip (some fantastic vegan burritos Allison made) so we headed to downtown La Crosse and had some beer, crepes, and chili at The Root Note. The tour MVP yesterday was Current DJ Mac Wilson. The physical songbooks had arrived a little late to my house so he picked them up and drove them all the way to La Crosse! Mac, I owe you a beer my friend. 

Mears Park